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We raise quality traditional, red, black, spotted and paint Boer goats for 4-H & FFA shows, breed shows, breeding stock, pets & meat.  



We started our adventure with Boer goats…and it truly has been an adventure in August, 2011. Our ten acre mini-ranch is located in Northeast Oregon, nestled in the Blue Mountains.  Our view from the east slope of Mt. Emily takes in the whole Grande Ronde Valley.  A patchwork of farms raising crops and livestock, grass seed and mint.







We raise quality traditional, red, black, spotted, and paint Boer goats for 4-H, FFA shows, breed shows, breeding stock, pets & meat.  Our herd includes Fullbloods, Purebreds, and Grade Boer goats. We currently have seven Fullblood Boer bucks (2 are for sale), 16 Fullblood Boer does, 6 Purebred Boer does, one Grade Boer doe and one Nubian doe (2 breeding does will be for sale after weaning their kids, possible more depending on kids that we retain).  The dairy goat is for milk and cheese for our family and bottle babies.












After getting into this business we advertised butcher goats for sale and that is when we entered the Goat 4-H and FFA world.  Our Boer goats have been shown by 4-H and FFA members at the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show, Union County Fair, Umatilla County Fair, and Kitsap County Fair AND they have won!  See our 4-H & FFA Winners page.



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Rock Garden Boers
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Ranch phone: (541)962-7326

Cell phones: (541)910-5617 or (541)663-7092

or email us at rockgardenboers@yahoo.com

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