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The 2013 kids have started arriving.  Here are a few pictures.

Specifics will be added as time allows.

We will have several wethers for sale.  UPDATE: April and May wethers are here.  If you haven’t purchased your fair wether we have the goat for you!

There just might be a buckling or two for sale and some of the doelings will be for sale.


April & May babies are here!

Cleo had Twin Bucklings!



JJ had Twin Buckings (left) and Missy had a doeling and a Buckling (right)














Sheba had Twin Bucklings












Daisy had Twin Bucklings












Izzy had Twin Bucklings












Sage had a single Buckling

April 9, 2013 001April 9, 2013 004










January Babies below:

Babies first time out!



Lovin the alfalfa


The yearlings and Rose. They are due in April and May


Are they getting alfalfa over there?!


This is Sissy. She doesn’t know it yet but she has volunteered to be our milk goat. She’s full Saanen.


Hey Jude taking it easy after her bottle. I’m not sure if she thinks she a dog or a human. She has no idea she is a goat. She needs some goat time.


Vida and her two full blood bucklings.

Here is Peanut with her full blood triplets. The are all very nice looking babies.


Nanny and her three bucklings.

Grace and her full blood triplets.


Peanut 3 days before giving birth. She looks so miserable.


Now that’s a face to love!



Moms make great mountains to climb!



Looks to be the new club in town. What are they called…”Got Your Goat?”


Look mom, I CAN FLY!!!