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It has been a very busy week. We had six of our does kid in the last eight days. Blanche had twin bucklings on January 2nd. The same day about two hours later Grace delivered triplets, 2 doelings and 1 buckling. Wednesday was a bone chilling day and the smaller doeling was not warming up like she should. We ended up taking her into our home so we now have a bottle baby. We named her Hey Jude.

Friday brought us more deliveries. Vida had triplets 2 bucklings and 1 doeling. Unfortunately, the doeling appeared to have been stillborn. She was very tiny. During the same time, Nanny dropped triplets, all bucklings and very nice sized. One was 8.12 lbs and one was 9.1 lbs.

Then again on Saturday, Peanut, our paint, delivered 3 red kids. Two doelings and one buckling.  The two girls were the biggest and one of them has a nice dapple spot on her back.  It was this girl that gave us the most problems.  She was the last to be delivered and she presented with only one front  foot.  Of course I was elected to go searching for the rest of her because my hands are much smaller than my husband’s.   On my first search and rescue I only found her other hoof, so I had to go deeper and found that the baby’s head was turned back against her body.   I remember searching my memory for everything I have read on this situation and finally remembered to push the baby clear back into the womb to get her head turned.  Once that was done Peanut was able to deliver her.  I was scare to death that I had killed the baby because it took me so long to find and turn her head.  When she finally came out I stared at her thinking she was dead and then there was a twitch in her face.  The relief I felt was almost overwhelming.  Mother and baby are doing wonderfully!

Today, Tuesday, January 8th, our last expecting doe, Sophia delivered twins, 1 doeling and 1 buckling. To our surprise our smallest doe delivered the biggest baby boy at a whopping 10.6 lbs.

All are traditional in color except for Peanut’s red kids. Our red buck Chip may not have put much color in these kids but he made up for it in size. Out of 15 kids, four are in the 7 lbs range, five are in the 8 lbs range, one is in the 9 lbs range and one is in the 10 lbs range.