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9 hours ago I went out to watch Julia kid. Just now came back into the house, except for the times I came in to work on making cheese. So Julia had 2 buck kids. Doug went to town….Doug got back just in time! Krissy, the one who came into the barn 10 fricken days ago, kidded 2 nice buck kids. At the same time Sheba is kidding triplets 1 buck kid, and 2 doe kids except first kid, the buck kid was breach. Got him positioned and out, beautiful dark red. Next doe kid out without issues, another gorgeous dark red with a belly stripe. Last doe not coming, not coming, not coming, in I go again. One front foot out, head and other foot down. Several tense moments positioning and out come a little cute traditional. Poor momma, got a good shot of antibiotics. Just as I leave the barn to go into the house I hear a crying kid in the field, Supernatural kidded two doe kids. One little tradition cold as heck and a nice traditional caped over her back and down to her knees. Called Doug on the cell. Out he comes with new dry clothes, haha! Off we go to the shop stove to warm up the babies. All are warm and dry and snuggled with their moms.